Weight Management

Weight Management

Reports of women being criticized for “intense” workouts in late pregnancy are circulating the Web. Are these criticisms clinically warranted, or are the criticizers just bullies?

New research shows that too much or too little maternal weight gain in pregnancy is associated with the child’s risk of being overweight or obese in early childhood.

Don’t let time constraints and large patient loads prevent you from providing a thorough well-woman visit. Are you covering all the bases?

Not losing any baby weight within 1 year after delivery increases a woman’s risk of diabetes and heart disease, new research shows.

Physicians’ groups are urging ob/gyns to have difficult conversations with obese women about their weight. Here’s one example of how utter bluntness can be an effective tactic.

Exercise during pregnancy prevented excessive gestational weight gain, but the benefit of the intervention was not observed in the groups most at risk.

Women who have had bariatric surgery require special care during pregnancy, particularly with assessment of micronutrient deficiencies and appropriate replacement. Here’s one ob/gyn’s approach.


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