Diffusion-tensor MRI and tractography may offer radiologists a noninvasive option for diagnosing esophageal carcinoma.

Calgary Scientific’s ResolutionMD received FDA clearance for diagnosis on mobile devices for most imaging modalities.

Breast emergencies are uncommon but require quick identification and management when patients present with complaints, such as mastitis and breast abscesses.

Radiologists can reduce the number of unnecessary imaging procedures through quality improvement regarding the appropriateness of the tests.

A 30-year-old who has been breastfeeding for three months presents for evaluation of a right breast lump that is nontender and has been present for two weeks.

When it comes to working with obese patients, manufacturers and clinicians are trying to solve the challenges presented in diagnostic imaging.

The FDA has given clearance to NDS Surgical Imaging for the Dome S6c diagnostic display.


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