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What’s Your Diagnosis? A TRAP Phenomenon or Something Else?

What’s Your Diagnosis? A TRAP Phenomenon or Something Else?

Presented here is a case involving a 34-week pregnancy for which the patient underwent routine ultrasonography.

History and Examination
A 37-year-old woman underwent routine obstetric ultrasonography at 34 weeks’ gestation. Prior to her pregnancy, her menses had been normal. She had no history of any major illness before the ultrasound examination.

Family history: This patient was 1 of 4 children. This was her third pregnancy (gravid 3 para 2).

Present pregnancy: The patient had a 34-week history of amenorrhea, which almost corresponded with the age of the fetus on ultrasound scan. She had no history of antepartum hemorrhage or discharge during this pregnancy and reported normal fetal movements.

Clinical examination: Blood pressure was normal at 124/82 mm of Hg, as were her other vital signs. Chest examination findings were normal. On abdominal examination, the fundal height of the patient almost corresponded to the gestational age of 34 weeks.

Imaging studies: This patient underwent routine transabdominal ultrasonography to exclude any congenital anomalies. She had not undergone any previous ultrasound scan. The ultrasound images of the current examination follow.

 Image 1. Transabdominal B-mode ultrasound scan.
 holoacardius amorphus

Image 2. Transabdominal B-mode ultrasound scan.holoacardius amorphus 

Based on these fetal images, what's your diagnosis?


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