Surgical Gynecology

Changes to Perioperative Care Improves Outcomes

The use of an enhanced recovery pathway for perioperative care in complex gynecological surgery can reduce length of hospital stay, need for narcotic pain control, and costs.

Surgical Gynecology

The morcellation controversy heats up as physicians all over the world who use Ethicon power morcellators are being asked to return the medical devices.

New minimally invasive robotic surgical techniques may offer some benefit to patients, but only once surgeons pass the learning curve.

Gyns morcellate fibroids because it benefits patients, not their wallet. Despite the risks, the procedure has a place in treatment, until data say otherwise.

Drs Louise King, Camran Nezhat, and Paul Wetter discuss an effective teamwork model, agreeing that patients have better outcomes when clinicians work as a team.

Do you have inconsistent results treating patients with mixed incontinence? It may be because most treatments are too conservative and symptom-based.

Chemo after surgery for ovarian cancer is the standard of care, but new research discovers that many women, particularly older women, are undergoing chemo before surgery.

Postabortal placental polyps and uterine arteriovenous malformations can look identical on ultrasonography. Read how saline instillation sonohysterography helped discern the diagnosis.


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