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Surgical Gynecology

Changes to Perioperative Care Improves Outcomes

The use of an enhanced recovery pathway for perioperative care in complex gynecological surgery can reduce length of hospital stay, need for narcotic pain control, and costs.

Surgical Gynecology

Of the top 10 surgical procedures that are decreasing at the greatest rate, 4 of them are related to obstetrics and gynecology.

A new adjustable single-incision bladder sling placed via the transobturator route for women with stress urinary incontinence shows promise.

Use of a certain form of bupivacaine for pain control after gynecological surgery reduced the amount of opioids needed and may reduce recovery time.

Chronic pelvic pain is costly to diagnose and treat, but appropriate and timely interventions can lead to a restoration of quality of life.

These tips for implementing good technique in laparoscopic surgeries can help reduce complications and result in faster surgeries.

There isn't enough evidence to recommend chewing gum after a c-section or other surgery to improve GI function, but the practice won't hurt.

Even in a surgical setting, 3D technology can draw a crowd.


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