Sexual Health

Less than two thirds of doctors and teenage patients talk about sex, sexuality, or dating during annual visits, and the conversations that do occur average less than a minute.

Sexual Health

Don’t let time constraints and large patient loads prevent you from providing a thorough well-woman visit. Are you covering all the bases?

Marijuana and e-cigarettes can cause harm in more ways than you may think. Do you ask your patients about their marijuana or e-cigarette use? The numbers may surprise you.

New research expected this year will bring about significant changes to clinical practice. Here, society leaders share what’s on their radar for 2014.

The two widely used surgeries for apical prolapse work equally well for both apical prolapse and stress urinary incontinence two years postsurgery, research shows.

Three doses of the quadrivalent HPV vaccine was more effective in preventing high-grade cervical abnormalities than other types and more effective in younger women.

A striking number of sexually active women experience reproductive coercion by their male partners, and their ability to use contraception and plan pregnancies may be compromised.

In Denmark, researchers found that the risk of atypia, atypia+, and cervical intraepithelial neoplasia grade 2 or 3 (CIN2/3) were significantly reduced among women who received the vaccine.


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