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5 Predictions for Prenatal Genetic Testing in 2015

5 Predictions for Prenatal Genetic Testing in 2015

Genetic testing has advanced over the past few years, and everything about it continues to change, from cost, availability, players in the market, improvements in standards, and more. This is the year that prenatal genetic testing will be more widely available for women, regardless of age or risk. Here are my predictions for genetic testing in 2015.


NIPT will help sonologist in driving away the scare of obstetricians when invasive testing has not been done either due to cost or ignorance, and the baby"s journey in womb will be more decicisive.good for doctor in L R, MOTHER AND FETUS ITSELF

dr anju mishra

anju @

As a reproductive endocrinologist, I think our professional society will embrace carrier genetic screening. First, we will be more liable if we do not offer patients a choice in screening during preconceptional counseling and we then miss a potential mutation that we could have screened for with pre-implantation genetic embryo screening; second, it is getting more difficult to determine what to screen patients for based on ethnicity and family history, as many patients are just not sure of their background; 3rd, it is cheaper to run (for both patient and insurance)one of the newer tests that can look at multiple mutations compared to trying to run them individually; and 4th, I believe carrier testing is moving toward next generation sequencing rather than genotyping, which will be more accurate and continue to get less expensive.

Anonymous @

Cost may come down however who pays what is sti relatively high cost for every pregnancy to undergo NIPT. Not only cost but benefit must be considered. We are looking at tens of thousands of gravitas less than 35y old. Does society bear the burden? I think not even if the cost were reduced by half from its current $800 plus cost.

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