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Prenatal Genetic Testing

5 Predictions for Prenatal Genetic Testing in 2015

From NIPT to microarray and from cost to quality, these 5 predictions by Adam Wolfberg, MD, provide insight into how genetic testing continues to evolve. 

Prenatal Genetic Testing

This blog discusses how OB/GYNs need not only to understand the science behind genetic screening but also to counsel patients properly about the results.

Cell-free fetal DNA screening tests for trisomy 21 are more accurate than standard screening with nuchal translucency even in low-risk women.

SMFM 2015: A failed result on noninvasive prenatal testing (NIPT) may provide insight into what subsequent tests may find, research reveals.

These 5 predictions by Adam Wolfberg, MD, provide insight into how genetic testing—NIPT to microarray and cost to quality—continues to evolve.

Amniocentesis, CVS, noninvasive prenatal testing, microarray . . . the rapid advancements in prenatal genetic testing can be dizzying. These 7 expert tips can help navigate the gamut.

New research may have found a way to better predict whether women with threatened preterm labor are in true labor or false labor.

New research expected this year will bring about significant changes to clinical practice. Here, society leaders share what’s on their radar for 2014.


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