Physicians Aren't Happy; 59% Say, 'Don't Become a Doctor'

Physicians Aren't Happy; 59% Say, 'Don't Become a Doctor'

Physicians aren’t happy, according to a new report by Jackson Healthcare. Forty-two percent say they are ‘dissatisfied’ or ‘very dissatisfied’ in their medical practices, and 59% say they are unlikely to encourage a young person to go into medicine. Only 16% report having a generally favorable outlook about the future of their careers.

The most satisfied physicians were male, over age 45, and anesthesiologists, dermatologists, or pediatric or surgical subspecialists. The least satisfied physicians were more likely to be female, younger than 45, and practicing internal / family medicine and primary care, emergency medicine, critical care, radiology, or in the musculoskeletal specialties.

The type of practice made a big difference in physician satisfaction, with satisfaction rates higher among hospital employees or those employed by a physician-owned practice but without an ownership stake.  Those doctors who own a practice, are locum tenens physicians, or are employees of a practice owned by a hospital or health system or more likely to be unhappy.

So tell us… where do ob/gyns fit in?

Why are you satisfied or dissatisfied in your medical practice? Would you encourage a young person to become a physician? Tell us more about your practice—and your opinions—in the comments section, below.

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