Pelvic Pain

Pelvic Pain

Gyns morcellate fibroids because it benefits patients, not their wallet. Despite the risks, the procedure has a place in treatment, until data say otherwise.

Challenge your diagnostic skills: What abnormality do you see in this woman with a history of ectopic pregnancy?

Postabortal placental polyps and uterine arteriovenous malformations can look identical on ultrasonography. Read how saline instillation sonohysterography helped discern the diagnosis.

Sexual violence on college campuses may be more prevalent than you think. Are you asking patients the right questions about their sexual health?

This case report features an underappreciated clinical entity—angular pregnancy. What do you know about this rare obstetric complication?

A second-prize paper presented at ACOG 2014 evaluates the risk of uterine perforation for levonorgestrel IUDs and copper IUDs and reports an unexpected finding.

The FDA has weighed in on the safety of uterine fibroid morcellation. Given the current evidence, find out what they recommend.


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