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10 Questions With Michael James McCoy, MD

"If the field of obstetrics and gynecology is to continue being the sponsor for best women’s health care delivery, significant cultural adaptation is imperative. Use of health information technology is but one part of that culture shift. I hope that my colleagues understand and embrace these changes, as they are inevitable." 
- Michael James McCoy, MD


Take a close look at your documentation in these six areas of OB/GYN to start making improvements now and better prepare for ICD-10-CM.

Michael James McCoy, MD, the new Chief Health Information Officer at the ONC, offers tips and insight into how Ob/Gyn and health IT intersect.

The cybersecurity of medical devices is on the mind of the FDA, which recently issued recommendations for security on wireless medical devices.

Navigating the complexities of privacy in the adolescent gyn patient can be tricky. Here, Deborah Ottenheimer, MD, a specialist in adolescent gynecology, shares her protocol for providing confidential medical care to teen patients.

New guidelines for the prevention of venous thromboembolism (VTE) in obstetrical patients have been released. Provided here is an overview of the guidelines and tips on how to implement them.

Electronic medical records have a purpose, but they also may encourage physicians to behave unethically. More to the point: would your patient recognize her exam as described in an EMR?

Our hospital is installing an electronic medical record system (EMR). It has added a minimum of 15 minutes to the time it takes to process each patient, without a perceptible increase in quality of care. And trying to make sense of meaingful use? It's like "Catch 22."

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