The reported outcomes for the da Vinci robot have been disappointing, but a new study shows that surgeons can achieve expert-level results using the Morristown Protocol.

Our malpractice lawyer counsels on a complicated case involving a delivery with an unexpected outcome and multiple health care providers involved.

The duty to nonmaleficence suggests that it might be most ethical to deny patients when what they want presents too much risk, and too little benefit--even at the expense of respecting their autonomy.

A physician and a malpractice attorney discuss the merits of ‘Apology and Disclosure’ programs and their role in obstetrical practice. Do they cut costs or create trouble?

As health care expenditures have risen and hospitals struggle to contain costs, there has been greater acceptance of reusing instruments that originally were designed and sold for single-use only. In a new Committee Opinion, ACOG discuss regulatory, safety, cost, and ethical issues surrounding reprocessed single-use devices.

Cancer passed in utero, trading art for health care, urinary incontinence in young women and more in the ob/gyn week in review.


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