Hysteroscopic Removal of Calcified Fragments

Hysteroscopic Removal of Calcified Fragments


This patient presented with 18 months of secondary infertility following a second trimester dilation and extraction. Upon entry into the uterine cavity with the hysteroscope, we immediately noticed three fragments of foreign material at the uterine fundus. We used the polyp graspers to carefully extract the first fragment of foreign material, keeping it within direct visualization of the hysteroscope as it was slowly removed from the uterine cavity. We then returned into the cavity and extracted the remaining two fragments in a similar fashion, again being careful to keep them in direct visualization. We confirmed with ultrasound at the end of the procedure that all fragments had been removed, and they appeared consistent with fetal bone on gross examination.

Video courtesy of Magdy Milad MD

Since 1995, Dr. Magdy Milad has been the Director of Gynecologic Endoscopy at Northwestern University, and is the Division Chief for Graduate Medical Education. He has authored 80 peer-reviewed manuscripts and 90 national presentations, and has developed an expertise in advanced minimally invasive surgeries including laparoscopy, hysteroscopy for conditions including endometriosis, fibroids, adhesions, tubal disease and ovarian cysts.


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