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Pediatric Vulvovaginitis

The key to diagnosing vulvovaginitis in young girls is a good exam and cultures. Poor hygiene is generally the culprit, but other irritants or conditions must be considered. 

Infections ObGyn

In developing countries, cleansing the cord of newborns after birth with a low-cost antiseptic can help reduce infant death rates.

CMV is a viral infection that can have devastating effects on unborn babies. Do you educate your obstetric patients about CMV prevention?

Adolescent girls who receive the HPV vaccine are no more likely than unvaccinated girls to participate in risky sexual behavior.

Neil S. Silverman, MD, addressed the recent measles outbreak and made these suggestions for women who are pregnant or trying to become pregnant.

A meta-analysis shows use of hormonal contraception, compared with nonhormonal or no contraception, ups the risk of HIV infection in sub-Saharan Africa.

The genes expressed by a common bacteria that causes UTIs protect the bacteria from the process the body uses to fight the infection, new research shows.

From surgical staplers to birthing simulator updates, 2014 brought many new innovations for obstetrics and gynecology.


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