Vaginal Cones Are Better Than Nothing for Urinary Incontinence

Not all patients with stress urinary incontinence would consider their use, but for those who would, weighted vaginal cones may be a good treatment option. 


The bacteria profile of the bladders of women with urgency urinary incontinence may help with future prevention, diagnosis, and treatment options.

Do you have inconsistent results treating patients with mixed incontinence? It may be because most treatments are too conservative and symptom-based.

Finding 1: Urine isn’t sterile. Finding 2: All those bacteria in urine may not be so harmless. In fact, for some women, these microbes may cause overactive bladder.

Strengthening pelvic floor muscles through yoga just may be helpful for women with urinary incontinence, particularly stress incontinence.

The two widely used surgeries for apical prolapse work equally well for both apical prolapse and stress urinary incontinence two years postsurgery, research shows.

There is not enough good evidence showing that pelvic floor muscle training benefits patients already receiving active treatment for urinary incontinence, finds a new Cochrane analysis.

Women overall know little about urinary incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse, but the knowledge gap is greater for non-white women, survey results show.


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