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What is your Diagnosis of this Female Patient?

What is your Diagnosis of this Female Patient?

Our patient presents with a history of 5 weeks of amenorrhoea and scanty bleeding per vagina (P/V).

History and Symptoms
This young woman came in for a routine ultrasound examination at 5 weeks of amenorrhoea. She had normal menstrual cycles before the pregnancy and did not have any history of major illness. She had a history of a lower segment c-section (LSCS) during her first pregnancy.

Family History
She has 1 healthy child, who was delivered at full term by LSCS. The mother (the patient) is one of 4 children.

Present Pregnancy
The patient showed a positive pregnancy test. She has a history of occasional bleeding P/V.

Clinical Examination
Her blood pressure was normal (BP: 126/ 80 mm. of Hg); as were all other vital signs. On abdominal examination, she had mild tenderness over the lower pelvis.

Imaging Studies
The patient underwent routine transabdominal and transvaginal ultrasound imaging to study the viability of the pregnancy.

Image 1: Sagittal section of uterus
(images are courtesy of Dr. Nirmali Dutta, MD, UAE)

sagittal ultrasound uterus
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Image 2: Sagittal section of uterus

saggittal ultrasound uterus

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