Gestational Diabetes

Overweight Women Need More Guidance About Appropriate Weight Gain in Pregnancy

The advice that many overweight and obese women are receiving on gestational weight gain from their providers is insufficient and often inappropriate, research shows.

Gestational Diabetes

Obese children whose moms had gestational diabetes are about 6 times more likely to have diabetes or prediabetes than other obese children.

The risk of pregnancy-induced hypertension is more than 3 times higher in women who become pregnant using a donor egg, research confirms.

Evidence mounts that flu vaccine in pregnancy is safe, but congenital anomalies need to be better defined and slight increases in maternal outcomes explained.

Pre-planning is key to achieving the most optimal clinical outcomes for patients with multiple challenging risk factors or individual characteristics.

New research shows that obstetricians may need to rethink how they screen certain patients for gestational diabetes mellitus.

New research presented at ACOG 2014 shows that inadequate weight gain in the second trimester is an independent risk factor for spontaneous preterm birth.

A history of gestational diabetes could be a risk factor for later heart disease, highlighting that reproductive complications may unmask future disease risk.


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