Fetal Monitoring

New Criteria to Prevent False Diagnosis of Nonviability

To better balance the use of ultrasound and the time needed to ensure that an early pregnancy is not incorrectly declared nonviable, a group of experts have introduced new diagnostic thresholds.

Fetal Monitoring

Challenge your diagnostic skills: What's going on with this umbilical cord?

Challenge your anatomy knowledge; what body part is this 3-D image showing?

How's this for wishful thinking to explain an extremely active fetus?

Challenge your diagnostic skills with these images of a third trimester pregnancy. Can you identify the "incidental" findings?

A new lifelike birth simulator with all the bells and whistles needed to mimic various L&D scenarios may have just raised the bar for competency trainers.

New research has identified a select group of patients who may benefit from vaginal progesterone to reduce the risk of preterm birth.

Exposure to two common phenols, parabens and triclosans, may disrupt the growth of boys in utero and during their first years of life.


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