Fetal Monitoring

New Criteria to Prevent False Diagnosis of Nonviability

To better balance the use of ultrasound and the time needed to ensure that an early pregnancy is not incorrectly declared nonviable, a group of experts have introduced new diagnostic thresholds.

Fetal Monitoring

Challenge your diagnostic skills: See anything out of the ordinary in this second trimester fetal heart study?

Folic acid (vitamin B9) can prevent neural tube defects, but how much is needed to substantially reduce risk? Find out here.

After a discrepancy between gestational age and fundal height, an ultrasound exam revealed one of the most common congenital tumors deriving from germ cells.

Challenge your diagnostic skills: What abnormality do you see in this late second trimester fetus?

Challenge your diagnostic skills: Are these normal findings?

Challenge your diagnostic skills: Is this fetal heart normal or abnormal?

New study results may alleviate concerns about use of antipsychotics in pregnancy. However, higher doses often mean more problems for baby.


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