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Fetal Monitoring

New Criteria to Prevent False Diagnosis of Nonviability

To better balance the use of ultrasound and the time needed to ensure that an early pregnancy is not incorrectly declared nonviable, a group of experts have introduced new diagnostic thresholds.

Fetal Monitoring

QUIZ: These images of the fetal eyes reveal a clue about the mother's health.

These images from a routine ultrasound examination of a 20-week fetus reveal a rare abnormality of the fetal spine.

QUIZ: These images are of the fetal heart reveal an abnormality. Can you identify it?

QUIZ: These images are of the jugular area in a first-trimester fetus. What do they tell you?

QUIZ: These images show some changes in the placenta of a 34-week pregnancy. Are they anything to worry about?

Do these images of the fetal brain point to a congenital anomaly or something else?

This second-trimester fetus has a renal abnormality. Can you identify it?


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