Fetal Monitoring

New Criteria to Prevent False Diagnosis of Nonviability

To better balance the use of ultrasound and the time needed to ensure that an early pregnancy is not incorrectly declared nonviable, a group of experts have introduced new diagnostic thresholds.

Fetal Monitoring

Challenge your diagnostic skills. What uterine-related findings are revealed in this pelvic scan?

This 18-week fetus has a vascular anomaly. Can you identify it?

Can patients who desire a natural birth or vaginal delivery truly participate in shared decision making in a system of care that trends toward c-sections?

This uterus is anything but normal, but it still seems to function. What's your diagnosis?

Challenge your diagnostic skills: What's your diagnosis based on these images from a 14-week fetus?

This image quiz focuses on the kidneys. Can you identify the abnormality seen in these ultrasound images of the fetal abdomen?

Challenge your diagnostic skills: Can you identify the condition causing the abnormality seen in these images of the fetal neck?


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