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Fetal Monitoring

5 Predictions for Prenatal Genetic Testing in 2015

From NIPT to microarray and from cost to quality, these 5 predictions by Adam Wolfberg, MD, provide insight into how genetic testing continues to evolve. 

Fetal Monitoring

QUIZ: These images of the fetal eyes reveal a clue about the mother's health.

These images from a routine ultrasound examination of a 20-week fetus reveal a rare abnormality of the fetal spine.

QUIZ: These images are of the fetal heart reveal an abnormality. Can you identify it?

QUIZ: These images are of the jugular area in a first-trimester fetus. What do they tell you?

QUIZ: These images show some changes in the placenta of a 34-week pregnancy. Are they anything to worry about?

Do these images of the fetal brain point to a congenital anomaly or something else?

This second-trimester fetus has a renal abnormality. Can you identify it?


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