Low-Dose Levonorgestrel IUDs Highly Effective Even After 3 Years of Use

Low-dose levonorgestrel IUDs are safe and effective in preventing pregnancy,and their use could be expanded among women who have not yet had children.


Voters in North Dakota sent a clear message that health care decisions, from pregnancy to end-of-life care, must involve only patients and their physicians.

The outbreak of Ebola in West Africa rightly has become a world health crisis. But there are other casualties of the outbreak that we don't hear much about.

A consequence of Measure 1, which may or may not be a "personhood" amendment, is that IVF and other infertility services in North Dakota will end.

Folklore or fact? Getting pregnant soon after stopping contraceptives results in a higher chance of having a baby boy. New research answers this question once and for all.

People like free stuff, especially teenagers. And if you give them free birth control, particularly LARC, they tend to use it.

There is a movement under way to make oral contraceptives over the counter. As a clinician, would you be in favor of this?

This case demonstrates the utility of 3D ultrasound, using the coronal plane as a reference point, for patients with an IUD who have pelvic pain.


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