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Breast Health

Breast Health

Pressure isn't always a bad thing, researchers have found when exploring ways to minimize pain during mammograms without reducing image quality.

New research sheds light on a cost-effective way to improve breast cancer detection rates in women with dense breasts.

Breast cancer awareness campaigns are great, but they should be expanded to provide more clinician education on health disparities and to target women most at risk.

Look no further: The North American Menopause Society has issued recommendations that offer the latest information for managing a woman's health through menopause.

Are women with early-stage unilateral breast cancer misinformed about the survival benefit of removing both breasts vs lumpectomy with radiation?

Just in case your patients ever ask, wearing a bra is in no way associated with breast cancer risk.

Bisphosphonates offer women no protection against breast cancer but do help prevent fractures related to osteoporosis.


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