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Breast Health

Simple Physics May Make Mammograms Less Painful

Pressure isn't always a bad thing, found a group of researchers when exploring ways to minimize pain during mammograms without reducing image quality. 

Breast Health

In this Medical News Minute, Dr Bobby Lazzara reviews a study on the influence of media bias on far-reaching medical decisions in the general public.

The term "dense breasts" often leaves patients confused about what it really means to have dense breasts.

There are several techniques new mothers can use to express breast milk more comfortably while yielding higher output, a meta-analysis finds.

The GnRH agonist goserelin, when given during chemotherapy, may protect against ovarian failure and early menopause in women with breast cancer.

Hormone replacement therapy won't protect postmenopausal women against stroke or heart disease, but don't discount it for symptoms of menopause just yet.

Clinicians conducting breast examinations who don’t apply enough force during palpation risk missing deeper lesions.

The risk of early, sudden-onset menopause in women treated for early-stage breast cancer can be reduced with goserelin, a gonadotropin-releasing hormone agonist.


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