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What Is Your Diagnosis?

What Is Your Diagnosis?

November 2011 - What's Your Diagnosis?

This was a female patient, 32 years old, who had irregular menses. She has been married for 5 years but was unable to conceive. She also has had severe dysmenorrhea for the past 7 years.

Family History:
She is an only child and her mother did not have any similar history of dysmenorrhea or irregular menses.

Clinical Examination:
On examination, the patient had mild tenderness over the pelvis. Her vital signs were within normal limits.

Sonography of the pelvis revealed:

Transvaginal scan of pelvis

Image-1: sagittal section of uterus

sagittal view uterus

Image-2: sagittal section of uterus:

sagittal section ulterasound uterus

What are your ultrasound findings based on these two images?

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