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Sarah Bruyn Jones

Sarah Bruyn Jones

Sarah Bruyn Jones is a freelance writer with expertise in healthcare reporting. She is an award-winning reporter who previously worked for the daily newspapers The Tuscaloosa (Ala.) News and The Roanoke (Va.) Times. She has also written extensively about religion and ethics, and has covered political, government and business news. Email her here and visit www.sarahbruynjones.com.

Posts by Author

A meta-analysis sought to determine which oral painkillers were most effective after a c-section, but the findings were disappointing.

Cell-free fetal DNA screening tests for trisomy 21 are more accurate than standard screening with nuchal translucency even in low-risk women.

Unsuccessful fertility treatment takes a toll on both partners, and knowing their mental health history can help predict depression risk.

A new adjustable single-incision bladder sling placed via the transobturator route for women with stress urinary incontinence shows promise.

OB/GYNs should begin with ultrasound to examine women presenting with pelvic symptoms, urges a physician group.

Use of a certain form of bupivacaine for pain control after gynecological surgery reduced the amount of opioids needed and may reduce recovery time.

New research shows certain women are 43 times more likely to develop type 2 diabetes mellitus after childbirth.

Assisted reproductive technology is often thought to account for the risk of low birth weight and preterm birth, but new research finds another factor plays a role.

The GnRH agonist goserelin, when given during chemotherapy, may protect against ovarian failure and early menopause in women with breast cancer.

Hormone replacement therapy won't protect postmenopausal women against stroke or heart disease, but don't discount it for symptoms of menopause just yet.


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