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Jon Carter

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Are you getting anxious, just hearing the discussions surrounding the Affordable Care Act? This doctor has two options for you.

In an all-new cartoon, we look at a practice that found a unique way to improve its bottom line. How did it improve itself financially?

Important questions for health care.

Incentive for staying still.

What's going to happen with healthcare in 2017? This mechanism may be just as foolproof as any of the predictions from the experts.

What does 2017 have in store for physicians? Many might be asking themselves that question as we approach the new year, but one doc already has an idea.

Presenting the 5 Most Popular Radiology Comics of 2016.

A new cartoon shows us which healthcare professional wants to tag along with Santa Claus on Christmas and deliver some "gifts."

Has a turkey come into your office for an appointment? Use this doctor's example on how you should treat them as a patient.

How do you know a doctor has gotten a visit from his local pharmaceutical sales rep? Look for the swag. Here is one physician that doesn't hide it.


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