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Jamie Habib

Jamie Habib

Jamie Habib is the executive editor of ObGyn.net, where she writes, edits, and manages content for the site. She has spent her entire professional life in medical publishing, working on multiple peer-reviewed journals with a broad range of clinical specialties, including women's health, primary care, infectious diseases, emergency psychiatry, oncology, pharmacoeconomics, and managed care.

Posts by Author

QUIZ: These 5 questions will gauge your general knowledge of how heart disease impacts women.

POLL: As a busy clinician, balancing work life and home life and personal time generally means that something gives. Is it your sleep?

Women with hot flashes related to menopause carry the burden of these symptoms, but new research highlights the economic toll if left untreated.

Michael James McCoy, MD, the new Chief Health Information Officer at the ONC, offers tips and insight into how Ob/Gyn and health IT intersect.

Ilene Gewirtz, MD, discusses her comprehensive approach to well visits and cancer screens and says education, if not expanded services, is key.

CMV is a viral infection that can have devastating effects on unborn babies. Do you educate your obstetric patients about CMV prevention?

Severe maternal morbidity is not always a sentinel event. Take this quiz to test your understanding of what constitutes an obstetric sentinel event.

The Joint Commission has revised its definition of sentinel event, causing confusion about how these events now relate to severe maternal morbidity.

Almost nobody says "obstetrician-gynecologist" when speaking about these specialist physicians. But what's the "correct" way to pronounce OB/GYN?

Approved treatments of menopause-related symptoms can have narrow indications, but they may offer broader relief of the most bothersome menopause symptoms.


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