What is Your Diagnosis: Fetal Brain Mass

What is Your Diagnosis: Fetal Brain Mass

This is the case of a fetus at 34 weeks gestational age  with a brain mass.

History and Symptoms: Our patient came in for a routine prenatal ultrasound exam at 34 weeks gestational age. She had normal menstrual cycles before the pregnancy and did not have a history of any major illness. This was her first pregnancy.

Family History: The mother (our patient) was one of 3 children.

Present Pregnancy: The patient gave a history of 34 weeks amenorrhea which corresponded with the age of the fetus on the ultrasound scan. She had no history of abnormal bleeding per vagina (P/V) or spotting during the pregnancy.

Clinical Examination: Her blood pressure was normal (BP: 124/ 80 mm. of Hg); as were all other vitals. On abdominal examination, she had no evidence of tenderness or pain over the abdomen. The fundal height corresponded to the age of a 34 week old fetus.

Ultrasound Studies: Our patient underwent routine transabdominal ultrasound imaging to study the viability of the pregnancy and to rule out any anomalies.

Image 1: Transverse section of fetal head (click to full size)
fetal bain ultrasound

Image 2: Transverse section (Color Doppler) of fetal head
color doppler fetal brain mass

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