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As obstetric units close and consolidate around the country, ways to improve interhospital communication and to assess patient outcomes are needed.

Challenge your diagnostic skills: Can you identify the condition causing the abnormality seen in these images of the fetal neck?

A new (theoretical) model using multiple data points, including genetic testing for BRCA genes, could identify women at greatest risk for breast cancer.

This cartoon highlights priorities, and what no OB wants—a third patient.

A simple device may make blood draws and IV placement easier for fearful patients, or for patients with difficult-to-feel veins.

Be a broken record about the importance of folic acid supplementation. New research finds it is associated with fetal growth benefits.

The FDA says confusing labeling is out and now will provide safety data for medication use in pregnancy and breastfeeding in a relevant real-world context.

In this video, Steven R. Goldstein, MD, professor of obstetrics and gynecology at NYU, discusses new research he presented in October at the 25th annual North American Menopause Society meeting.

In this Q&A, Jeff Livingston, MD, discusses how he's integrated a virtual practice into his busy life as an office-based OB/GYN.

Challenge your anatomy skills: Can you identify the structure of interest in these images of the fetal thorax?


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