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Severe influenza in pregnancy is a hyperinflammatory disease and not a state of immunodeficiency as previously thought.

Urine tests effectively screen for HPV, but more data is needed to determine whether they can correctly diagnose cervical disease.

For some women, maternity leave is just too costly. Do you think paid leave programs would keep your pregnant and postpartum patients healthier?

Look no further: The North American Menopause Society has issued recommendations that offer the latest information for managing a woman's health through menopause.

A new lifelike birth simulator with all the bells and whistles needed to mimic various L&D scenarios may have just raised the bar for competency trainers.

New research has identified a select group of patients who may benefit from vaginal progesterone to reduce the risk of preterm birth.

Contrave, a combination of naltrexone and buproprion, has been approved for long-term weight loss management in overweight and obese adults.

Challenge your diagnostic skills with these images of the left hemipelvis of a young woman.

The clinical and scientific realms of endometriosis have significant gaps, highlighted by persistent delays in diagnosis and underestimates of harm.

Researchers are learning that gestational age is not the only factor that influences survival of extremely preterm infants.


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