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ACOG 2014

ACOG 2014

New research shows that obstetricians may need to rethink how they screen certain patients for gestational diabetes mellitus.

New research shows when it’s cost-effective to use placental alpha-microglobulin-1 over pooling, nitrazine, and ferning for diagnosing premature rupture of membranes.

Skin closure after a cesarean delivery is quicker with the use of staples, but are patients satisfied with the results of this closure method?

A second-prize paper presented at ACOG 2014 evaluates the risk of uterine perforation for levonorgestrel IUDs and copper IUDs and reports an unexpected finding.

New research presented at ACOG 2014 shows that inadequate weight gain in the second trimester is an independent risk factor for spontaneous preterm birth.

Vaginal hysterectomies are associated with superior patient outcomes and cost less than other methods of hysterectomy. So why is their rate of use declining?

Vaginal atrophy doesn’t have to be a life sentence of painful sex. New research describes a solution for dyspareunia that can take sex from “painful” to “comfortable.”

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