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Video: Postpartum IUD Compliance: Do Demographic Factors Matter?

Video: Postpartum IUD Compliance: Do Demographic Factors Matter?

Do age, race, or other demographics influence postpartum IUD compliance? The results of this retrospective chart review were presented at ACOG's Annual Clinical Meeting. Watch the video or read the transcript, below.

My name is Laura Delcore and I’m from the University of Kansas Medical Center and our study was a retrospective chart review—reviewing about 1500 charts—and looking at women who chose postpartum birth control to be an IUD, and how many of those women followed up, and were there any demographic factors which we could identify that prohibited women from being able to follow up.

These are some examples of the things we looked at, including employment status, marital status and age. We also looked at things like insurance, religion, and race. We were unable to identify any statistically significant demographic factors that prohibited women from following to have their IUDs placed.

Overall, we found that about 43% of the women who said at the time of delivery that they would like to have an IUD placed followed up, meaning a significant number of women were lost to follow-up and never had an IUD placed.

Our next step is going to be looking at—since we did not identify a single demographic factor  which prohibited women, what kind of educational things can we implement, as providers, that might make women more likely to come back to have their IUDs placed.

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