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AAGL 2013

AAGL 2013

The levonorgestrel IUD is particularly helpful in patients with abnormal uterine bleeding who require an interval therapy before surgery can be performed, Harvard physicians find.

New research exposes a need for preoperative screening of even low-risk women undergoing robotic sacrocolpopexy, particularly those with risk factors such as obesity or diabetes.

Chromopertubation is typically performed laparoscopically. However, hysteroscopic chromopertubation may spare patients from multiple procedures. But is it accurate?

The surgical outcomes of single port pelvic surgeries (SiPPS) for a variety of gynecologic oncology indications are similar to those of traditional laparoscopic techniques.

Fourteen percent of infertile patients have uterine cavity abnormalities despite normal ultrasound examination findings, research shows.

Laparoscopy for ruptured ectopic pregnancy and massive intra-abdominal bleeding was associated with shorter operative time and less intraoperative blood loss than laparotomy.

Surgeons who perform a high volume of hysterectomies each year are less likely to injure the lower urinary tract during surgery.


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