AAGL 2012: A Look Back at AAGL Through the Years

AAGL 2012: A Look Back at AAGL Through the Years

With AAGL 2012 right around the corner, we’re looking back at some of the research to come out previous AAGL meetings. Here are a few of our most popular articles from AAGL:

AAGL 2011
Understanding the Limitations of the Human Brain, Laparoscopic Surgery and Patient Safety
Dr. William Parker explains that if we understand the limitations of the human brain we can learn to navigate through difficult surgical situations and possibly avoid serious complications in the operating room.

AAGL 2009
Video: Follow-up on Hazards of Smoke in the OR
Wendy Winer and Barbara Nesbitt talk about the dangers of smoke in the operating room.

AAGL 2006
Fibroids and Pregnancy
Benjamin Gocial, MD, and Herbert Goldfarb, MD, discuss the impact of fibroids on pregnancy, and the role of laparoscopic surgery in managing the disease and addressing a patient’s fertility.

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